Infinity Kingdom Heathcare

We provide help with personal care tasks

And activities of daily living

Infinity Kingdom Healthcare Limited provides flexible services suited to individual needs, including:

Personal care and support at pre-arranged times

24-hour care

Evening and day-time sitting services

Help with housework, shopping and other activities of daily living.

We provide services to:

  • Older people aged 65 and over who require personal care
  • People with dementia
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with sensory loss, including those with dual sensory impairment
  • People with mental health problems
  • People with learning disabilities.

We provide help with personal care tasks and activities of daily living.

Users of our services will be those individuals in need of domiciliary care. This will include the elderly who choose to stay in their homes rather than go into a nursing home, those that have recently been discharged from hospitals and need help before they regain their full independence.  

The company is quality-driven, cost-effective, person-centered and evidence-based approach. It strives to offer a community service that promotes self-respect, independency and improves the quality of life for all.